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WIN Senior

WIN is an acronym for “Whatever is Necessary, Whenever it’s Needed” – supporting the understanding that some students benefit from alternative ways to access learning based on their unique diverse needs.
WIN programming focuses on building skills and opportunities to prepare students for the real world. Transitioning into the community is an integral component of the program. Work study supports career programming and community participation with transitional supports.

GRADES 10-12

Silhouette of student graduating WIN Senior is a program of choice designed to support high school students identified with mild to severe cognitive needs to attain a Certificate of Completion in their community school. Students participate in curricular programs to audit the class for some of the day where they focus on developing their communication, social, and learning skills. For other parts of the day students work with the WIN teacher for one-on-one or small group instruction. They also have opportunities for community interactions and work study.


WIN Senior focuses on: Collage of students working in WIN SR

  • Developing student strengths 
  • Spiritual growth (Social justice and service projects) 
  • Daily instruction in literacy and numeracy 
  • Social interaction 
  • Living, vocational, leisure and recreational skills 
  • Work Study


 Students working toward a Certificate of High School Completion receive individualized learning opportunities and experiences. Programming centers on functional life skills and preparation for individual goals, including work study or work experience, when possible. 

WIN Senior programming in schools will provide in school or community work study placements. These placements are designed to allow the student to gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes in contexts that will assist them in making good decisions regarding their future education, training, and employment.
Collage of Students Working in WIN SR To support students in their work study or work experiences, staff in WIN Senior support students with:

  • Resume writing 
  • Job placement 
  • Interviews 
  • Travel training 
  • On the job training 

WIN Senior utilizes a team approach to ensure all learners are successful. The program is designed to include input from the student, parent/guardian, and stakeholders in the student’s life. The WIN teacher and other staff in the program provide daily programming and support to students. Specialized services and supports may also be available for students as needed. 


WIN SR programs are available at the following school sites, select for more information:

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic School Link Austin O'Brien Catholic School Link Holy Trinity Catholic School Link Louis St. Laurent Catholic School Link Mother Margaret Mary Catholic School Link St. Francis of Xavier Catholic School Link St. Joseph Catholic School Link St. Oscar Romero Catholic School Link

Placement is based on: 

  • A referral from the school or 
  • Parent initiated 

To register contact the school directly or call Inclusive Education at 780 989-3000 for additional information.

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