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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Gifted and Talented Education is currently offered at St. Paul Catholic Elementary School where the school bridges teaching and learning within the Gifted Classroom and Enrichment for All.

The Gifted Classroom

Students in the Gifted Classroom will have a specialized teacher that:

  • Develops Individual Program Plans (IPP’s) for students that include a personal interest inventory and an individual learner profile, focusing on a strength-based mindset
  • Provides independent study that varies in levels of complexity and depth that aligns with the Alberta Program of Studies
  • Provides enrichment clusters for deeper learning of concepts and skill development
  • Works with students in multi-aged grouping

*This program is targeted specifically for those students who meet the Gifted and Talented Criteria.

Enrichment for All 

All children will engage in a school-wide focus, that will include:

  • An inquiry focus that builds on the foundations of literacy and numeracy as we strengthen competencies across all learning domains
  • Building upon student agency with humility as we love and serve within our community (students will actively be involved in social justice projects)
  • Learning within an environment that enhances student creativity and imagination
  • Growing community partnerships that link instructional practises that extend teaching and learning beyond the traditional school environment
  • Providing tiered assignments and independent projects for all students
  • Offering a variety of clubs for students (i.e. Speech and Debate, Robotics, Engineering, Geoscience, Go Green Initiatives)

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