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Celebrating our Partners


partner-appreciation-week-2022-handbill.jpgEducational Community Partnerships are an essential part of the educational experience for our students to learn about the world in which they will live and work and the potential contribution that they can make as individuals.  Edmonton Catholic Schools believes in educational experiences that prepare the next generation to be contributing members of society and influential contributors to the workforce in the 21st century.  

The Edmonton Catholic School Division values working in partnership with others in the community with whom we share common goals:  parents, government, industry/business, non-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, professional development organizations, and others.  Educational Partnerships take place in a variety of spheres, between the division and community at local/municipal, provincial, national, and/or international levels.  

The Edmonton Catholic Schools Division endorses and seeks out educational partnerships that

  • Support curriculum and research-based pedagogy 
  • Reflect and nourish our Catholic Faith 
  • Promote high school completion and entrance into work opportunities or post-secondary school
  • Bring relevant learning opportunities into our schools 

Edmonton Catholic Schools recognizes that each partnership is unique and special and exists for the benefit of the students of our Division and their educational goals. Thank you to all our partners who share values, objectives, resources and responsibilities to help our students achieve success in school by providing expanded learning opportunities and enhancement to the curriculum and/or complementing existing student services.

Fall 2022 - Partnership List
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