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French Immersion

French Immersion Program at Edmonton Catholic Schools

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French immersion is a form of bilingual education that provides students with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual in French by the end of Grade 12. Students follow the Alberta Education curriculum all while studying in French. This program is designed for non-French speaking families. Each year, students have the opportunity to experience various aspects of the French culture through events and/or entertainment.

French Immersion Perspectives

Learn more about our Edmonton Catholic Schools French immersion programs from students, parents, and teachers.

Alberta Education Goals for French Immersion

To enable students to:

  • Achieve a level of competence in English equivalent to English program students;
  • Become functionally fluent in French by the end of Grade 12;
  • Achieve the learner outcomes in all core and complementary courses in French; and
  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of francophone cultures.

Benefits of Learning French

  • Bilingualism is at the core of Canada’s national identity;
  • Learning a second language has been shown to bring cognitive and academic benefits;
  • Learning a second language can open up many additional opportunities such as employment; and
  • Research has shown that learning a second language could have a positive effect on first language development.

Eligibility and Points of Entry

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are the two points of entry for French immersion. No knowledge of French is required for these entry points.

Parents wishing to register their children in French immersion after grade one should contact the school principal. Registration is considered on an individual basis.

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Schools Offering Program

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Bishop Savaryn School Link Our Lady of the Prairies School Link Father Leo Green School Link Frere Antoine School Link Grandin School Link Monsignor William Irwin School Link St. Stanislaus School Link

 Kindergarten to Grade 9               

Holy Cross School Link

St. John XXII School Link



Kindergarten to Grade 12

JH Picard School Link                        

Grades 7 - 9

St. Cecilia School Link

Grades 10 - 12                

Archbishop MacDonald School Link                                                                           

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