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Fine Arts


Edmonton Catholic Schools offers a wide variety of Fine Arts programming for students and parents who wish to have a greater emphasis on the Fine Arts in their educational choices.

Fine Arts Focus Schools

The Fine Arts Focus Schools are St. Boniface Elementary School (K-6) and Louis St. Laurent Junior/Senior High School (7-12).  St. Boniface School is the elementary feeder school for Louis St. Laurent School so these two schools constitute a complete program from K-12 that develops the Fine Arts through various curricula. 
  • St. Boniface Elementary School is grounded in achieving excellence within the academic areas and the fine arts focus enhances and reinforces high academic achievement. To truly benefit from arts education children need to be immersed in the discipline and practice the art. All students have gifts and St. Boniface School provides the students with increased opportunities to realize their potential in and through the fine arts. St. Boniface School, a Primary Years Programme IB World School, allows all students to participate in an arts infused program within a Catholic environment.
  • Louis St. Laurent Junior/Senior High School encourages secondary students to develop their individual passions and interests in the areas of Drama, Music, Art and Dance.  In Junior High students are required to take at least one of the Fine Arts as an option and can declare a major in a particular Fine Arts area starting in grade 8.  In High School, students can tailor their Fine Arts interests with courses in the four Fine Arts, or choose to enroll in either the full year Dance Intensive Program or the Theatre Intensive Program.   Louis St. Laurent School, a Middle Years and Diploma Programme IB World School, presents a variety of performances throughout the year including both junior and senior high musical stage productions, Big Band Night, Music Concert and Art Show, Dance showcases, and the LSL Fine Arts Festival.

Fine Arts Academies

The Fine Arts Academies are schools that offer a wider variety of Fine Arts courses and activities than most schools.  These programs often focus on one particular area or are for a particular population. 
  • St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High School offers students opportunities to explore a variety of Fine Arts subjects.  The opportunities for performance are numerous with students presenting at their school events, Division events and at their feeder elementary schools.
  • St. Martin Catholic Elementary School is a single track Ukrainian Bilingual program school and St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School is a dual track Ukrainian Bilingual program.  Both schools offer the Ukrainian Dance Academy to the students enroled at their schools only.  The program develops the child’s expressive and artistic skills through dance and ballet and the students are taught by Ukrainian dance specialists and RAD trained ballet instructors.  The Dance program is taught within the Alberta Program of Studies and the Academy is partnered with the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association.  This tuition-based optional program does not compete with other established dance groups.  Rather the Dance Academy is a support for Ukrainian Dance groups in that it provides serious dance students with additional dance opportunities within a school context. Academy students will not tour, perform or compete as Academy members. Academy members are encouraged to join established dance groups.
Please contact the schools for registration and program information.

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