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Transportation Services

Contracted Yellow Bus Carriers

  • Cunningham: 780 458-3255
  • First Student: 825 410-5981
  • Golden Arrow: 780 447-1538
  • Southland: 780 466-9696
  • Stock: 780 960-0753

Bus Driver Careers

Drivers are urgently needed in the Edmonton area!

Golden Arrow Careers

Southland Careers

Stock Careers

First Student Careers

Cunningham Careers


Online Transportation Forms

Click here for the Bus Pass Fees Schedule
Transportation Procedures for School Re-Entry - Scenario 1

Please Read our Student Transportation Manual for the 2022-2023 School Year: 


Yellow Bus Delays

Click here for the Yellow Bus Delay Board
Click here for the Yellow Bus Delay App

How will I be notified if I am not eligible for transportation?

Your school shall contact you.
Questions regarding eligibility for transportation can be answered by the school or by calling Transportation Services at 780 441-6078 or email

Cancel Transportation

Notify your school or email Transportation Services directly When your child is registered for the bus, a seat is reserved. If your child is not going to use transportation, please inform your school immediately. It is important that parents cancel the yellow bus service because unused stops can affect ride times as well as the efficiency of the route. 

When to catch my bus and what to do if my bus does not arrive?

Please be out 5 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time.
Please wait 10 minutes from your pick-up/drop off time and if the bus has not arrived please call our office at 780 441-6078.

Route Change Dates & Notifications

Route changes only occur on Wednesdays and can take up to 2 – 3 weeks to be processed. 

An email will go out every Friday night at approximately 6:00 pm about possible changes to your child’s bus route. Go to your parent portal to check your child’s transportation information has changed. Please contact your school to obtain your login and password to your Parent Portal. 

School Start Up

Parents will receive a phone message & email during the second week of August advising that the school start-up transportation information is posted in the Parent Portal in PowerSchool.

New Applications received during the summer or after school starts on September 1, 2021 will take up to 2 to 3 weeks to add a new stop due to the high volume of applications. If there is a stop in place, it will happen usually within 1 week.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

Kindergarten Noon Hour Curb Service

Kindergarten Noon Hour transportation starts on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

There are two types of bus service provided to Kindergarten students:

  1. Regular yellow bus service - using designated stops on regular bus routes, either in the AM or PM (depending on whether your child is in the morning or afternoon kindergarten class)
  2. Kindergarten Noon Hour Curb Service transportation. This particular type of service is based on the following criteria:
  • The address must be located within the transportation catchment area for the school.
  • Only one address can be accommodated for noon hour curb service.
  • Curb service is available where roadways and/or access is allowed
    For example: door-to-door service may not be available in new subdivisions where roads are not developed or during winter road conditions. Under these circumstances, students may be required to access a designated safe stop location until such time as the roadways or road conditions change.

Families requesting transportation for their kindergarten child are required to complete a Kindergarten Transportation Application – forms are available at your school.

Letters will be sent to parents during the 3rd week of August with the times for the noon hour pick-up or drop-off as well as information on the regular bus (stop location and times).

Why can't my child start taking the bus right away?

It is essential information that the school and the bus driver know which students are on the yellow bus; therefore Kindergarten and Grade 1 students must be registered to use the yellow bus service and the students' name and stop location needs to be shown on the detailed route schedule. This is a best practice in order to ensure the safe transportation of your child.

Division transportation policy requires that an adult/guardian is available to receive all Kindergarten and Grade 1 students at the scheduled drop-off location and time.

What happens if I am not at the bus stop to meet my child who is in Kindergarten or Grade 1?

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that an adult/guardian is available to receive Kindergarten and/or Grade 1 students at the scheduled drop-off location and time. If no one is available, bus drivers are instructed to contact the carrier, communicate this information and then continue on with the route. At the end of the route, drivers will return the student to the school 

Financial Waiver

No student in the Division shall be denied access to school programs or student transportation because of financial hardship. Where necessary, the Principal may, at their discretion and on an individual student basis, waive bus pass fees. The Division does not outline specific criteria as this alternative is a discussion between the Principal and the parent. Financial hardship should be reviewed on a month-to-month basis. Please contact your school Principal if you wish to be considered for the financial hardship waiver.

Edmonton Catholic Schools shall arrange transportation for students who are entitled to transportation under the Education Act.

A student entitled to transportation under the Education Act is a student who resides 2.4 kilometers or more from the school to which the Division has directed the student. The Division is deemed to have complied with the Education Act when transportation is provided on a route that is not more than 2.4 kilometers from the residence of the student. 

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