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Joint Use Agreement / Facility Rentals

What is the Joint Use Agreement?

The Joint Use Agreement (JUA) is a formal agreement between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton Public Schools, and Greater North Central Francophone Schools that is designed to optimize the use of publicly funded facilities for the benefit of all. The agreement was initially signed in 1959 and most recently updated for Facilities in 2007 and Land in 2009. The JUA makes schools available to community groups after school hours and provides schools with access to arenas, pools, and other city facilities during the school day. The agreement also clarifies how the four partners will work together to design, build and maintain school and park sites.

How is the Joint Use Agreement put into action?

The success of the Joint Use Agreement rests on collaboration. It is an agreement of principles, managed by a Steering Committee consisting of two representatives from each of the parties to the agreement. The Steering Committee supports and coordinates the activities of two working sub-committees. It is a policy recommending body that reviews proposals and suggestions of the sub-committees and forwards recommendations to the partners for consideration. The Steering Committee is ultimately responsible to the elected representatives of each partner.

What kinds of issues and initiatives fall under the Joint Use Agreement? 

Joint Use issues and initiatives are wide-ranging and vary based on the demand for facilities. Variations in demographics, the growth of new sports and recreation activities, changes in government policy, and value shifts in the community all have an effect on the priorities that need to be addressed under the banner of Joint Use. The diversity of the work is reflected in the sub-committees, both of which have a distinct focus.

How do I learn more about the Joint Use Agreement?

For more information please contact the Joint Use Coordinator at:
Phone (780) 496-3090
Fax (780) 496-4942

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