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Sport Academies


Sport Academies

Edmonton Catholic Schools has been offering sport specific programming for students as a program of choice since 1997.  The Sport Academy schools offer superior athletic instruction for those students whose educational experience would be enhanced with sport specific training.   Academy students benefit from participation in these sports in terms of learning to be responsible, organized, and committed to an education that is both academic and athletic. 

Sport Academy schools charge a program fee that varies by school and by sport in order to offset the costs of things like equipment, field/rink rental, staffing of sport-specific coaches and trainers, as well as administration costs.

There are 12 schools in the Division that offer one or more of seven different sports. Please contact the school for registration and program information.

Archbishop O'Leary Catholic High School 
Soccer (10-12)

Louis St. Laurent Catholic Junior/Senior High School
Soccer (7-12)
Hockey (7-12)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary/Junior High School
Hockey (3-6)
Soccer (4-6)
Elite Athletes (4-6)

St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School 
Hockey (4-6)

St. Brendan Catholic Elementary/Junior High School
Recreation (7-9) *New September 2022

St. Edmund Catholic Elementary/Junior High School
Hockey (3-9)
Recreation (7-9)
Soccer (4-9)

St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School
Hockey (10-12)
High Performance Hockey (10-12)
Soccer (10-12)
Lacrosse (10-12)
Baseball & Softball (10-12)
Golf (10-12)

St. Mark Catholic Junior High School
Recreation Academy (7-9)

St. Martin Catholic Elementary School
Ukrainian Dance Academy (K-6)

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School 
Ukrainian Dance Academy (1-6)

St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High School
Soccer (7-9)

St. Thomas More Catholic Junior High School
Hockey (7-9)
Soccer (7-9)
Baseball (7-9)
Ringette (7-9)
Elite Athletes (7-9)

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