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Green STEM Program

Cultivating critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and rigour, while instilling a lifelong care for God’s creation through the permeation of science, technology, engineering, math, and the environment!


Through the focus on Green STEM (STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and following the words of Pope Francis in his encyclical "Laudato Si", students and staff develop a deep global and social awareness and care for God’s creation while honing higher level thinking skills and preparing for the future. The intentional focus and integration of the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math through an environmental lens prepares our students to be engaged and responsible members of the Catholic community.

Green STEM:

  • Hones higher level and critical thinking skills;
  • focuses on integrative content;
  • cultivates global leaders and environmental stewards
  • prepares students for the complex and inter-connected world of work; and
  • is engaging, experiential, meaningful and fun!

Schools Offering Green STEM:

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