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ECSD LINC's collaborative approach has allowed for the following partnerships throughout the years. For partnerships inquiries please see Contact Us.

Edmonton Region LINC Advisory Committee - ERLAC

In 2000, the CLB/LINC Projects Office was funded under the ECSD LINC in order to support projects to benefit LINC learners and the LINC Service Provider Edmonton community. ERLAC was then formed in order to plan such projects and to eventually oversee the Professional Opportunity Project (POP).  ERLAC is comprised of the Managers of all LINC programs and Language Assessment, Referral and Counselling Centre (LARCC ) in Edmonton, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and, eventually, the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Consultant.

Some of the many projects that ERLAC planned over the years were:

  • LINC Assistants – University summer students were hired for 4 months to gain experience in a LINC classroom and to aid the teacher.
  • POP – this provided opportunities to individual LINC staff to obtain professional development with all costs covered.
  • Development of and distribution of LINC Activities’ Books.
  • Payment of registration/travel costs for LINC staff at the ATESL conferences.
  • A Learners Conference in Jasper for LINC students only.
  • A LINC conference in Banff for all LINC staff in Alberta.
  • Hiring of a CLB Consultant to encourage and promote the Edmonton LINC community’s involvement in the understanding, acceptance and incorporation of the Canadian Language Benchmarks into their curriculum.
  • LINC Learners were able to participate in many events for free, such as, Galaxyland and World Waterpark, West Edmonton Mall and Capital EX.

In 2017, the CLB LINC Projects Office was then no longer funded by IRCC but the ERLAC Committee continues to meet to this date in order to continue its collaboration and information sharing in the LINC Edmonton and, now, Red Deer community.

Other partnerships are,

  • Catholic Social Services
  • Action for Healthy Communities – Adult Literacy and Skills Development Program
  • Action for Healthy Communities – Settlement Integration Program
  • Action for Healthy Communities – Mental Health and Counselling Program
  • Edmonton Police Community Outreach Program
  • Basically Babies
  • The Today Centre
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