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The new ECSD LINC Program - 2019 Curriculum Guidelines have been revised for CLB classes and they now include information on Literacy classes making these guidelines applicable for both streams. This resource is open to the public and tailored to fit the ECSD LINC context.

These guidelines are separated from level specific documents (Foundation L, CLB 1/1L-2/2L, CLB 3/3L-4/4L and CLB 5-6) that contain templates and sample modules with assessments created by teachers around a common theme. The level specific documents are working documents; to obtain a copy of them or give feedback feel free to email

The literacy stream has been in existence since September 2014 at ECSD LINC. It started at Sacred Heart, then expanded to St. Francis Women's Program and lately to One World ... One Centre. This stream uses ESL for ALL in addition to PBLA, and our own resources which can be found through LINC Literacy @ ECSD.
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The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks hosts LINC core resources for CLB and Foundations classes in its publications web page; the resources we use are accessible below,

Core Resources

Other resources

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