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Forest School

​​​Forest School is an Outdoor Education program where Full day Kindergarten classes come to a River Valley Park each day for full week. Our program runs through the seasons – we play in the rain, snow, wind, and sun – only stopping if the temperatures dip below -20°C. Through Forest School students are allowed to take risks, explore the natural environment, and gain a new understanding of outdoor play. All children – and many of those identified with severe behaviors – respond positively to outdoor environments. Why Forest School?​

Each week is unique at Forest School, every group brings something different to the outdoors and the ever-changing Alberta weather keeps things interesting, generally though some of the things the students can expect to do include:

  • Building things with real materials – wood, hammers, nails, mallets and stakes, sand, snow and dirt
  • Playing on the beaches of the North Saskatchewan River
  • Climbing trees and digging in the dirt
  • Learning to tie knots and using ropes
  • Using a saw and hand drill
  • Snowshoeing
  • Building a shelter
  • Language, literacy and numeracy are integrated into each day and the outdoors provides a motivating environment for this to occur​