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Bus Delay Notification

Important Bus Delay Information

Bus 820 and 98 of the School County are running 30 minutes behind today. All students, parents and teacher's please be advised.

We Can't Stress Safety Enough - Did you know...

that motor vehicle occupants are approximately 16 times more likely than school bus occupants to be injured in an accident per passenger-kilometre of travel?

Children are at greater risk of being injured before and after boarding the bus than while on the bus?

There are blind spots around the school bus and the danger of other traffic on the road while students wait for the bus or cross the street. This is why it is crucial that we all work together to raise awareness to the general public about how important it is to stop for the flashing red lights of the school bus.

Bus Rules

  1. Be at your bus stop on time
  2. No pushing or shoving (while on or off the bus)
  3. Board bus in single file
  4. Assist small children on or off the bus
  5. No smoking, eating or drinking on the bus
  6. Do not litter the bus
  7. Normal talk only is allowed
  8. No large objects or animals allowed on the bus
  9. Be quiet when approaching a railway crossing
  10. Damages to seats or equipment MUST BE PAID FOR BY THE OFFENDER

Riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right, therefore failure to comply with these rules may mean the forfeit of this privilege.

The number one Problem facing schools buses? Drivers forgetting to STOP! Please remember, School Bus Safety is everyone's responsibility!