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Band Program Receives Tune Up

A gift of $10,000 will grant several wishes for the music department at Central High School.

drums.jpgCentral High School is one of 14 schools in Edmonton that will benefit this year from the Band Aid musical instrument grant program, which provides musical instrument grants to schools across Canada whose music programs have both potential and need of funding to ensure their sustained growth.

“Our music head, Nigel Evans, has a wish list that he’s been creating for some time,” said Principal Paula Greenberg, adding that the school has applied for the grant for five consecutive years. 

Greenberg said the funds will be used to meet some of the needs of the school’s band program. “This grant money will be used to purchase new instruments in our woodwind, brass and percussion sections as well as rejuvenate some of our drum-line instruments.”

A Special Grant from the Government

Band Aid grants impact thousands of young Canadians and supports diverse music programs that include concert and jazz bands to drum and guitar ensembles from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 in schools in urban, rural, remote and First Nations communities across the country.

Schools receiving the grants are selected based on economic need, inventory and condition of instruments, number of students, dedication of school staff and overall impact the grant would make within the school community.

Central High School has a well-established and thriving band program with more than 160 students playing in three bands (Grade 9, Grade 10 and Senior) as well as two jazz bands and a drum line. 

Staff and students in the Central High School music department would like to thank all of the members of the Central High School community who helped them achieve this exciting award.

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