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Outdoor Explorers General Information

     Art and Exploration Outdoors

This program will focus on giving children the opportunity to practice their fine motor control and use different mediums outdoors to create. 


     Physical Literacy

What better place to practice Physical literacy then in the forest? This program will support families in discovering “risky play.” We will also learn a number of new games! Following directions is a great way to practice receptive language. 


     Numeracy and Literacy in Nature

Being outside gives children the freedom to notice new things all around them. Through the use of stories and the materials around us outdoors, we will work on building vocabulary and making new discoveries. 


     Self Regulation and Mindfulness

This program will have a sensory play focus. Sensory play is great for problem solving, building new vocabulary and fine motor motor practice! We will also use the district resource FOCUS to practice big body movements, self regulation and mindfulness. 


     Building and Construction 

Using natural materials, children will be encouraged to work together and to use their problem solving skills to construct! 


     Fairy Tales in the Forest

Every child has a story to tell, through play we get to see their imagination come to life! This program will focus on dramatic play! Dramatic play is great for building confidence and expanding language.