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Family Programs at St. Monica Program Information

     I Talk, You Talk 

Families will explore how to help their child interact and engage with others. Experiences will be play based and incorporate everyday communication strategies that will help support your child in everyday interactions with others.

     The Joy of Play 

Let’s discover the joys of playing with our children! Through fun and open-ended experiences, families will engage in and support their child’s learning and skill building through play.

     Senses to Wonder 

Sensory play can be creative, calming, and fun! Explore and learn about the world around us using our senses of sight, taste, smell, touch and sound. Children and families will engage in many experiences that they can do at home.

     Creative Corner  

Did you know that art helps build many different skills for your child? Families and children will participate in creative experiences that will help build self confidence, language skills, and motor skills. We will experience art in both fun and calming ways.

     Songs and Routines 

We will explore the benefits of using songs, routines and visuals to support your child with transitions. Transitions can be difficult for some children and we aim to give you goal based strategies that will support you in daily tasks throughout you day.

     Family Game Time 

Come join us as we will explore a variety of age appropriate games together. The focus of these games will be to practice skill-building, problem solve, have fun and engage as a family. We will participate in indoor and outdoor games that can be easily done at home.