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Welcome to Genesis School!  At Genesis School we provide unique educational experiences in non-traditional settings.   Our 100 Voices programs are held in the City of Edmonton Recreation Facilities and in the City Attraction Sites.  This unique partnership allows for rich programming opportunities and diverse learning experiences where children are central.  In these learning environments we are able to provide all that Edmonton Catholic Schools has to offer with rich programming in a Catholic context. 

Pre-School Outreach is another unique option for serving children attending our partner YMCA child care sites.  

Genesis School also supports unique inclusive programming options within Edmonton Catholic Schools.  The Personal Pathways programs (Grade 4-9) are for children and youth located in City Recreation Centres and the Downtown City Arena.

Please contact Genesis School at 780-638-1884 for more information.  ​


Kris Hodgins                                         ​Michele Wedemire                             Dan Pagnucco

Principal                                                 Assistant Principal​                            Assistant Principal​

Genesis School Focus Programs