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Forest School

Forest School is offered to all full day Kindergarten Programs in the Edmonton Catholic School District. The Kindergarten class comes to a river valley site for three consecutive days. The Forest School Leaders then visit the school site for one day to help encourage outdoor programming.  Forest School is an ideal setting to promote inquiry and exploration in a play-based environment. Nature provides fantastic learning opportunities that occur naturally and children are highly motivated to participate in Forest School. This program is founded on research that free active outdoor play for children is not only their right, but is essential for physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Forest School compliments both the philosophy of Early Learning and Kindergarten curriculum. Our outdoor classroom has the following centres and opportunities available to the children:

  • Science Centre: variety of materials to inquire and explore the environment
  • Adventure Walks: promoting physical literacy and engage in learning opportunities that occur naturally
  • Art experience with Dragon Eyes: using wool and sticks 
  • Building Centre: loose parts and real materials
  • Tree Climbing & Rope Swing: risk management and big body movements
  • Fairy House: loose parts and opportunity for creative expression
  • Journals: encourage to use at any time to draw or reflect
  • Kitchen Centre: simple household items
  • Pulley’s, Buckets, and Shovels: discovering through trial and error and participating in heavy work
  • Free Active Play: unstructured active play with minimal adult direction and no specific end goal
  • Learning to tie knots