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Dual Credit

Below you will find a variety of Dual Credit courses are offered during PASS. Please register through PASS to select the course you are interested in taking.
Dual Credit courses are offered from February 6 - May 29, 2019. Please call 780-944-2000 for more information.


Click for more information: Dual Credits.pdf


Psychology: PSC 1040

The basic foundation course in psychology. It provides an introduction to the scientific study of behaviour and the mind. This course examines the evolution of psychology, research methods, descriptive statistics, the brain and behaviour, human lifespan development, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, conditioning and learning, and memory.

English 20-1 with 60% or English 20-2 with 70%

Post-Secondary Transferable:
Athabasca University- PSYC 289
Concordia University of Edmonton- PSY 104
Lakeland College- PSYCO 104
MacEwan University- Introductory Psychology I
Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning- PSYC 1XX1
University of Alberta- PSYCO 104, AUPSY 1xx

St. Joseph High School

Dates and Times:
February 4 – May 27, 2019: Monday 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Introduction to Aviation Meteorology: AIRF 1109

This course meets the meteorology requirements for the Department of Transport Commercial Pilot’s License, basic meteorology as it applies to aviation and the ability to interpret weather information for pilots as supplied by Atmospheric Environment Services.

Concurrently Math 20-1 and English 20-1

Post-Secondary Transferable:
Mount Royal University- AIRF 1109

St. Joseph High School

Dates and Times:
February 6 – May 29, 2019: Monday 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Choral Ensemble:  MUP 142

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in the world of choral.  You may start exploring your interests by enrolling in the dual credit opportunity of Choral Ensemble.

Concordia University of Edmonton’s School of Music covers topics such as music theory, composition, conducting, history, literature, choral, vocal and keyboard music, and voice and music individual instruction.  

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in a Choral Ensemble Course (MUP 142), which develops vocal techniques, musicianship, and reading skills through the study of a variety of choral literature. Students will participate in the Edmonton Catholic Schools All City High School Choir, through regular practice and rehearsals, which will prepare them for extensive performances in concert settings within Edmonton Catholic Schools and with Concordia University.  Students will be engaged in a workshop at Concordia University and Vocal Technique classes with staff from Concordia University.

Choir 15 or approved on an individual basis

Post-Secondary Transferable:
Students will receive  5 High School Advanced level CTS credits and 3 Post-Secondary credits from Concordia University of Edmonton. 

In addition, this course will transfer to:
Athabasca University - MUSI 2xx: Unspecified Course
Burman University -MUPF 210: Choir 
King’s University - MUSI 210: Concert Choir Ia
University of Alberta - MUSIC 140: Choral Ensemble / AUMUS 141: The Augustana Choir
University of Lethbridge - MUSE 1150: Vox MusicaI

**Students must receive a C- or higher for a course to transfer to another post-secondary institution.

Alternative Education Louis St. Laurent

Dates and Times:
February, 2020 - June 2020
Monday evening class and performances, vocal lessons, workshops dates TBA

Police Studies:

Policing in Canada: PSSC 112
September, 2019 - January, 2020

Law and the Administration of Justice: PSSC 121
February, 2020 - June, 2020

Here is an opportunity to get started on your future in the world of Policing. You may start exploring your interests by enrolling in the dual credit opportunity of Police Studies. 

Edmonton Catholic Schools is offering two courses in Police Studies, which equips students with the theory and principles you need to become an educated and well-prepared police officer. These courses will prepare you to lead, be effective in decision-making, and be able to easily adapt to new environments. Students will explore the most current theories of criminology, investigative techniques, law, evidence collection and forensics.  In addition, through a partnership with the Edmonton Police , students will experience an opportunity to be involved in the Run with Recruiter Program, which consists of a physical fitness component. Police Studies gives you the foundation to build your career as a member of a police service at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

English 20 – 1:  50% or English 20-2 - 65% minimum (Can be taken concurrently)

Post-Secondary Transferable:
Each of these courses can be transferred towards a variety of post-secondary institutions, which may lead to a wide variety of potential careers.  

Please refer to http://transferalberta.alberta... for future details on the specific transferability for each course.

St. Joseph High School

Dates and Times:
September 2019 - June 2020 on Wednesday from 4:00 - 7:00 pm
with additional workshops and learning opportunities