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Alberta Education Curriculum Development Online Survey information

Online Provincial Curriculum Survey

Alberta Education is moving forward in the development of new Kindergarten to Grade 12 provincial curriculum in all grades across the subject areas of Language Arts (English, Français, French), Math, Social Studies, Sciences, Arts and Wellness education.

Parents, students, teachers, school staff members, education system leaders and community members are all invited to offer meaningful input into the curriculum development process through online survey responses.  Part A of the survey, which will likely take about seven minutes to complete, gives Albertans an opportunity to share their thoughts about the Government of Alberta's general direction for the development of all new curriculum.  Once Part A is completed, there is the option to move to Part B, to indicate what you see as the strengths and gaps in subject areas of interest in our current curriculum, which may take upwards of 15 minutes depending on the number of subjects and grade-specific questions you choose to answer.

The online provincial curriculum survey will run from October 18-November 18 and can be found along with further information at the following link:

The survey results will be used by Expert Working Groups made up of teachers and post-secondary educators in concert with Alberta Education staff as information to help develop new provincial curriculum over the next six years.

Your voice is very important in this conversation and we encourage you to take some time to complete the survey. Please do not hesitate to contact our school should you have any questions or wish to use a computer at the school to complete the survey.  This online provincial curriculum survey will be an item at our upcoming November school council meeting at which time we will engage in collaborative conversation about this process.

Online Provincial Curriculum Survey Parent Letter.pdf