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School Council

Holy Trinity's School Advisory Council has been formed by interested parents and community members who want to take part in an organization to provide an opportunity for voice and advocacy in matters concerning the education of their children.

It was also formed to fundraise and to distribute monies raised. It is through this organization, that Holy Trinity has received substantial dollars through Casinos and various other fundraisers.

We are very thankful that the relationship between parents, community and school has been one of strong communication and support. We invite all parents and guardians to become involved in our School Advisory Council meetings. Future dates of meetings can be found here on our Website.

SAC Information:

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September 24, 2019School Council Minutes - Sept 24 2019 - approved.pdf
Advisory Council Minutes - Sept 24 2019 - approved.pdf
May 29, 2019School Council Minutes - May 29 2019 - approved.pdf    
Advisory Council Minutes - May 29 2019 - approved.pdf