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  • To ensure there is no confusion about our tutorial days on Thursday and Friday of this week (January 11 and 12) and next week (January 18 and 19) please be aware of the following:
    • A teacher may be supervising an exam during these days which means they are directing their students to see another teacher, possibly in the same subject area and in the same space.
    • Many teachers are still running regular classes.  Instructions specific to classes are provided by that teacher. Please listen carefully to where your teacher is asking you to be during these four days.
    • These four days are instructional days which means teachers are expected to meet with students providing educational support.

  • Holy Trinity will be hosting Alberta Health Services (AHS) Caregiver Education Series - the first session will take place at Holy Trinity on Wednesday, February 21st - "Fentanyl 101" 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.   RCSD-AHS Caregiver Series Poster Jan - Feb 2018.pdf
    • These sessions are open to everyone and are free to attend.  To register for this session or any of the others offered, please click on this link  
    • If the session you want isn't yet listed, please check back another time.  Sessions may be added to the booking systems closer to the month they are being offered.

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