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We are pleased to announce that Joanne Picard has been selected to the 2018/19 Minister's Youth Council

 Picard, Joanne France Marie photo

Working at the provincial level, this 32-member council will share diverse student perspectives with the Minister of Education and provide him with input on education issues. Collectively, the council will bring a broad and diverse range of life experiences, knowledge and skills to the work of the council.

The Minister's Youth Council will help students further develop their competencies and understanding of the education system. They will gain the skills necessary and be given the information they need to ensure they can have engaged and informed conversations with the Minister about the education topics they are passionate about. Students may also informally connect with principals, teachers and existing student networks/groups to understand the local context as it relates to the education issues being discussed by the council members.

Congratulations to Joanne for her outstanding work in representing Holy Trinity and Edmonton Catholic Schools!


2017 / 2018 Year Books are now available for pickup.  If you are a past student, you may pick up your yearbook from the Front Reception with picture ID.


City of Edmonton - Engage Edmonton

Join  the City  of  Edmonton  at convenient locations  to  share your  thoughts  on  many  City  projects  that  matter  to  you, including: •  Residential Waste  Collection •  Bus Network Redesign •  the City Plan •  Zoning Bylaw These family-friendly  drop-in  events  include activities  for children  and  free  snacks. Thu. Oct.  11,  3-7 pm  Southgate Centre  50  Ave &  111  St,  Centre court Thu. Oct.  18,  3-7 pm  Northgate  Centre 137  Ave &  97  St Thu. Oct.  25,  3-7 pm  Londonderry  Mall 137  Ave  &  66  St,  East  centre  court Tue. Oct.  30,  3-7 pm  West  Edmonton  Mall  88  Ave &  170  St,  Centre stage  Phase  1  (the Bay) Thu.  Nov.  8,  3-7  pm  Mill  Woods  Town  Centre  23  Ave  &  66  St,  Centre court  (by  food  court) Thu. Nov.  15,  3-7 pm  Edmonton  Tower  104 Ave  &  101  St,  Main  lobby To  learn  more visit:   


Alberta Health Services - Caregiver Education Sessions  RCSD-AHS Caregiver Education Sessions - Fall Poster 2018.pdf

The next session being held at Holy Trinity is "Keeping Scattered Kids on Track: Supporting Children and Adolescents with ADHD" on Tuesday November 20th @ 6:00 pm. 

Click on this link to register for this session or one of many other ones that are offered by AHS  ->


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