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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my sales incentive for the Krispy Kreme sales?

We will add a reimbursement to the student account


What time does my child need to be at the ceremony or banquet?

There will be an assembly early in June 2020 - students will get all info then and a letter will go out to parents in early May outlining procedures.  There will also be a rehearsal after school in June 2020 at the school for students


Where does my child pick up/return their gown?

We will hand the gowns out at the assembly in early June 2020.  They hand the gowns in right after commencement.  Any not handed in will incur a late fee


Where does my child pick up the tickets?

We will hand the tickets (wristbands) out at the Grad assembly early in June 2020.  No admittance will be granted without the wristbands so they MUST not be lost 


Is my child allowed to drink if they are over 18?

NO.  As per Edmonton Catholic Schools Policy, this is a dry grad.  Anyone caught with alcohol will have it confiscated.