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Fine Arts Program


J.H. Picard School offers a wide variety of Fine Arts programming for students and parents who wish to have a greater emphasis on the Fine Arts in their educational choices. 

J.H. Picard School  is grounded in achieving excellence within the academic areas and the fine arts focus enhances and reinforces high academic achievement. To truly benefit from arts education children need to be immersed in the discipline and practice the art. All students have gifts and J.H. Picard School provides the students with increased opportunities to realize their potential in and through the fine arts. 

Théâtre PicArts

  • Annual Musical Theatre Production
  • Technical Theatre

Les Smoldering Escargots | Les Smoking Escargots

  • Jr. Improv Theatre
  • Improv Wildfire Competitions

Music Program

  • J. H. Picard provides students with a versatile and personalized Music program starting in Grade 6. Students begin in Grade 6 and 7 with basic instruction on guitar, piano, percussion, and vocal technique. As they progress through Jr. and Sr. High music, students also receive ear training and theory instruction and encouraged to play multiple instruments. Once students have a fundamental understanding of their instruments, they are then separated into smaller groups and begin working on group projects where an emphasis is placed on collaborating, challenging oneself, and eventually performing in front of their classmates.
  • Each month, students showcase their work at our Lunch-a-palooza for their peers.

Recording Arts Studio

  • J H Picard is proud to offer extensive training in Sound Engineering, made possible by our specialized sound technician and fully equipped recording studio. Students in Junior High have the opportunity to take part in Sound Engineering options, and at the high school level take part in running full-scale recording sessions on their own. in front of their classmates.

Visual Arts Program

  • Students get to explore material and techniques to enhance their skills from grade 6 to grade 9. Sculpture focus classes are also available. Art students have opportunity to design and create props for PICARTS productions.
  • Art students have to opportunity to complete: wood sculpture, nylon sculpture, plaster sculpture, wire, clay, drawings, acrylic and water color paintings and mask making for the school productions.

Dance Program

  • Dance Training
  • Dance Performances
  • Annual Musical Theatre Production
  • Two Fine Arts Showcases at the Myer Horowitz Theatre

Voice Program

  • Voice Training
  • Performances

Junior GLEE team

  • Voice Training
  • Performances

Media Arts Productions

  • Annual Film Festival
  • Cinematography
  • Film Production
  • CTS media, productions, exhibits

2019 "Beauty and the Beast Jr" Musical Production:

Cast A photos: 

Cast B photos: