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Safety Measures

​We want to assure you that this construction will only be done in areas of the school that are not occupied and work will not be done during the school day but after school hours and on the weekend. Strict specifications and regulations will govern the removal and disposal of hazardous materials like asbestos. Asbestos does not pose any health hazard if left undisturbed and all appropriate precautions and safety measures will be taken during its removal. Air tight enclosures will be setup in compliance to regulations as well as barriers to prevent access from the general public. 

The health and safety of all students and staff is our highest priority at J. H. Picard. The air flow in the building will be turned off during the asbestos removal to ensure there are no asbestos particles moving through the ventilation system. 

In addition, an independent contractor will be taking air samples before school starts every day and in the unlikely event of an enclosure breech, plans are in place to keep our students and staff safe. 

Occupational Health and Safety Report 4.pdf
2016-06-07_JH Picard - Alberta OHS Air Quality Testing Preliminary Report.pdf
Haz_Mat Working Within a Ceiling Space.pdf
Haz-Mat Crawl Space.pdf
Haz-Mat Sampling Procedures.pdf
CCR Report OHS-099447-AB9AC-CCR-01A [Final].pdf
2016-04-27 - CO2 Levels Report.pdf
01-22-2016 - Occupaitonal Health and Safety Report 3.pdf
01-21-2016 - Occupaitonal Health and Safety Report 2.pdf
01-21-2016 - Occupaitonal Health and Safety Report.pdf
12-10-2016 - Occupaitonal Health and Safety Report.pdf
JH Picard - Air Quality Communication Response.pdf