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Louis St. Laurent School

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I would like to take the opportunity to welcome every student athlete to another exciting year with the Louis St. Laurent Hockey BARONS Academy. This year's ice sessions will focus on technical skill development along with tangible "next level habits" and details (hockey sense, situational awareness, puck pursuit skills, what the player does without the puck, support with and away from the puck, pressure with and without the puck, puck protection, time/space/positioning, gap control, reading pressure, offensive and defensive structure, transition, undetermined possession, read and respond awareness to situations with and without the puck as well as positional awareness in those situations) to compliment your current individual skill set. Along with Above the Crease Goaltending the ice sessions will include technical and tactical elements relating to goaltending, skating, puckhandling, shooting, checking, passing, angling, stick emphasis and positioning.