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Indigenous Student Support

First, I would like to introduce myself, I am Ashley Sadler. I am the Social Studies 20-1/30-1 and 30-1 IB World History teacher as LSL as well as the Department Head for Social Studies and the Indigenous Student Support lead teacher.  Next I would like to invite any parents or guardian that would like to contact me to do so through my email at If you have any issues, concerns or questions with regards to your child please feel free to contact myself, or the Grade coordinator for your child, Shelly Cleave(8 and 11), Leon Vandendooren (7 and 10) or Michael Mauro (9 and 12).

The goal of Indigenous Student supports is to help those students academically through guidance. I am here to support students apply for scholarships to post-secondary ,plan cultural and academic guest speakers, spiritual supports through our Indigenous Learning Centre, academic tutoring, as well field trips of a various nature. I will be including a monthly meeting schedule in the Parent Newsletter as well as a copy of the schedule on our website as well as announcements during the week. Please keep your eyes open for any upcoming field trip forms or important information that may be pertinent to your child.

All students who would like to participate can meet me in either my main classroom, 253 or at our Indigenous Supports room 213 A. This room is found on the junior high side of the school.

 Our meetings for the remainder of September are

  • September 16 bring your lunch
  • September 25 for our first Pizza Lunch. You must come to the previous meetings to participate.
  • Orange Shirt Day in September 30th this month and we hope every student will participate to show support for our Indigenous population across our school, Alberta and Canada.