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Social Studies



At the Junior High level, Louis offers a strong upbringing in literacy, analysis and written expression within our social studies department. Students in junior high are challenged to utilize their best learning styles through a multitude of media, research and written objectives. They are assessed both formally and informally to get the best representation of their skill level. Through various Baron’s Blocks, field trips and one on one collaboration with their teachers they are able to show their best efforts.

At the High School level, Louis offers a multitude of social studies courses (10 in total), including the Middle Years program as well as the international Baccalaureate program. Students work on developing their critical thinking skills and master their understanding of the objectives both in class and during their enhanced Baron’s Blocks.

Department Head: Ms. Ashley Sadler

Junior High:

Jocelyn Johnston

Angela Costanzo

Senior High:

Ashley Sadler

Angela Costanzo

Anne Fierheller

Aaron Salik

Marc Lapierre