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At the Junior High level, Louis offers a strong upbringing in numeracy and logical development in mathematics. Students in Junior High are actively engaged and challenged in math and get the opportunity to express their mathematical skills in various assignments, assessments, projects and field trips.  

At the High School level, Louis offers a multitude of mathematical courses (15 in total), including IB courses. Students work on developing their problem solving skills and master their conceptual and procedural understanding in mathematics as they prepare to transition into university.
Students also have the exciting opportunity of registering for Baron Blocks Flex Sessions to further their math education. Louis St. Laurent also offers both Junior and Senior High math competitions through the University of Waterloo.
Department Head:   Mr. Paul Horpyniuk

Junior High:

Annette Yakimowich

Melissa O’Connor

Jordan Anstice

High School

Nick Stagliano

Fitzroy Ford

Andrew Gerla

Chayne Barnaby

Jordan Anstice

Paul Horpyniuk

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