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Junior High: Mr. Fischer

High School: Ms. Danko

MYP Drama - Drama 7 is an introductory course in theatre and dramatic arts. Emphasis will be placed on developing and working within an ensemble (team/group). Students will explore genres of movement, voice and speech, physical theatre, and storytelling. Appropriate for all ability levels!

 MYP Theatre Intensive 8 - Aimed at our amazing Grade 8 students with a passion for singing, dancing, acting, or just wanting to explore any of those areas in greater detail. Theatre 8 will expose students to the beginning stages of training typically found only at the post-secondary level and allow them to begin their journey toward becoming a true “triple threat” (actor/singer/dancer) or at least enjoy the excursion of theatre. This full year course will not simply teach music, dance-steps, and parts of a stage but will hopefully give our students the skills to be expressive in any faucet of life. Theatre 8 students will hopefully discover more self-confidence, more respect for the talents and opinions of their peers and have a greater engagement with the world around them. At the JH level the aim is to move beyond just teaching students basic skills but teaching them to put aside their fears and believe in themselves with confidence and integrity.

MYP Theatre Intensive 9– This course encompasses Drama, Theatre, and Musical Theatre or for those who would want to at least explore any of those areas further. Theatre 9 will expose students to the 6 Dimensions of Drama, diving into each dimension in detail, along with exploring various Musical Theatre aspects such as singing, dancing and staging. There is no worry if you cannot sing or dance, as the class is aimed to teach all levels. The goal for Theatre 9 students is to discover their inner explorer wherein they are to build self-confidence, respect the variety of talents of their peers, and have a greater respect for the art of theatre. At the JH level the aim is to move beyond just teaching students basic skills by teaching them to put aside their fears and believe in themselves with confidence and integrity.

 Drama 10 MYP (3 credits)

Drama 10 introduces students to basic skills of theatre performance through which they will develop their creativity, communication skills, concentration, and self-confidence. Through the creation and study of a variety of theatre texts, students will focus on movement, speech, improvisation, character, theatre studies, and staging.

Drama 30 (5 credits)

Drama 30 is a continuation of the Drama 20 course in greater depth and application. Students will continue to study a variety of texts ranging from classical to contemporary through monologue and scene study. A directing component is added to the class, as students will analyze and direct theatre pieces.

Drama 20 (5 credits)

Drama 20 builds on the skills and techniques learned in Drama 10. In addition to continued exploration of movement, speech, improvisation, character, theatre studies, and staging, the component of play-writing is also included in the course. A variety of theatre texts ranging from classical to contemporary will be explored through monologue and scene work.

Advanced Acting/Musical Theatre (5 credits)

Students who are cast members of the LSL Theatre Production are enrolled in Advanced Acting/Musical Theatre. Advanced Acting provides a continuum of theatre experiences that moves well beyond those outlined in Drama 10 MYP/20/30. Advanced Acting expands on the specific skills related to performance as students focus on different roles involved in theatrical performance: the actor, director, designer, dramatist, and technician, both as an individual performer and as a member of a company. Students in Advanced Acting 25 & 35 are expected to take leadership roles in direction, performance, and production.

Technical Theatre 15/25/35 (5 credits)

Technical Theatre is a course that introduces students to various forms of theatrical design and production. Components of the course include set design, stage management, costume design, and props design. This course focuses on the practical application of technical theatre skills through class work as well as work on LSL productions.


The Theatre Intensive program is intended for students with significant interest in all aspects of theatre creation and production. Prospective students may also wish to consider the International Baccalaureate Theatre course.

The Louis St. Laurent Theatre Intensive Program is open to students in grades 10 through 12. Members of the company will perform in two theatrical productions during the school year, one a musical and the other a play. Students who register for the High School Theatre Intensive will earn a total of 20 credits. The specific courses are:

• Drama 10 MYP, 20 IB DP, 30, 30 IB DP (5 credits) • Musical Theatre 15, 25, or 35 (5 credits) • Technical Theatre 15, 25, or 35 (5 credits) • Advanced Acting 15, 25, or 35 (5 credits)

Instruction takes place during the last block of the day for the entire year. Rehearsals for the theatrical productions will be scheduled after school from 3:15 - 5:00, and on select weekends, depending upon the needs of the production.