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Career and Technology Studies



The department of Career and Technology Studies has been an integral part of Louis St. Laurent for many years. Students enroll in practical arts courses that offer students hands on learning and applications to real life situations.

Department Head: Mr. Chalupiak

Senior High - A variety of different courses and programs are offered at the high school level for students enrolled in CTS. Please see the Program Registration Book for a detailed course description.

ECSD High School Dragon’s Den Business Competition

Dragon’s Den came to Louis St. Laurent during the first ECSD Business Competition on Wednesday, February 19th, 2014.

Students from Louis St. Laurent, St. Francis Xavier and Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High Schools had the opportunity to work with local business professionals & entrepreneurs to learn first-hand about running small businesses. These creative, hardworking students designed original businesses and produced real life business plans. Students then pitched their businesses in a competition based on the hit TV show ‘Dragon’s Den’ concept.

The competition showcased the top 2 business teams from each school who will competed for $2,500 in prize money.

Students are enrolled in Enterprise & Innovation courses – part of the Career & Technology curriculum. The aim of the project was to inspire students in business and entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to Dennis Simons (Intelligent Data Solution & ecsd parent), Robert Jong (ecsd CTS consultant), Business Teachers – Paul Begoray (Louis St. Laurent), Katie McEwan (Mother Margaret Mary), Jessica Stowe (St. Francis Xavier), Seaghda McInnes (St. Francis Xavier) and SRO Rose Lees (Louis St. Laurent) for their work with business students and for making the event  possible.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

 Dragon's Den Video



Workplace Safety Video Contest 2012


Workplace Safety Video



Resolume Project


Resolume Project Video



Edmonton Chinese Garden - Phase 3 - 3D Modeling

Edmonton Chinese Garden - Phase 3 - 3D Modeling  Last school year, six Design Studies 30 students took the opportunity to work in collaboration with Mr. Patrick Tso to create a 3D presentation from official blueprints. The garden is located in

Louise McKinney Park and it is a part of Edmonton’s revitalization project. The purpose of the project is to create a three-dimensional presentation for the general public. The presentation was

viewed by Edmonton City Councillors, Alberta Infrastructure, the Consulate General for the People Republic of China and various engineering firms. It was a great opportunity for our students

to work and have real-life experiences to volunteer their time for the community. It’s an honour for our Design Studies 30 students to receive the “Excellence in Volunteerism” award from

Mrs. Mary Fung. Mrs. Fung is the Vice President of the Edmonton Chinese Garden Society. In recognition of their contribution, Mrs. Fung attended Louis St. Laurent Award Night to present the

award to our students.

Edmonton Chinese Garden in 3D