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Teams Coaches
Junior High
​​Senior HighJaret Peel, Bob Faught & Darren Zeggil


What an exceptional season it has been for the Varsity Badminton team. This year, headed by coaches Mr. Peel, Mr. Faught, and Mr. Zeggil, the team continued to gain success and experience. Thanks to the leadership of our graduating seniors, Benett Assman and Jamaica Palazon, the team gained confidence and refined their skills. Throughout the season, they showcased their hard work and commitment, especially at the Ravens Invi-tational Tournament where a big congratulations goes out to Benett Assman for winning Silver in the Boys’ Singles. His sportsmanship and smash speed was unparalleled. Also, good work to Maria Baclig and Cristina Gayod who captured the Bronze medal for Girls’ Doubles. Their future is promising as the duo looks to improve for their graduating year. As the season came to a close, LSL had the privilege of hosting both Boys’ Singles and Doubles Zone Qualifiers. Thank you to the volunteers and coaches for helping make the events a success. Once again, a huge thank you to ASAA badminton member Mr. Peel, badminton trainer Mr. Faught, and technical advisor Mr. Zeggil for their commitment, loud motivation and hard work. They look forward to continuing to work with young athletes such as Liam Frost and Reianharte Aradanas.