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Code of Student Behaviour


Students of a Catholic high school must exhibit the qualities of compassion and caring typical of our basic beliefs.  Responsible students contribute to the well-being and success of every student in our school.

St. Joseph students are expected to commit to learning and to achieving success.  Students are expected to be engaged in their educational experience on campus from 8:50 - 3:17 pm every day.  There are guidelines for appropriate behavior that reflect the school's philosophy of openness and consideration.  These guidelines direct students to assume responsibility for their academic duties, take proper care of the school facilities, and respect the property in the surrounding community.

A team of students, parents, and teaching staff drafted our code of behavior so that students are fully aware of their responsibilities at St. Joseph.  In all cases, students will be treated in a fair manner and kept fully informed of discipline policies.  A student's overall behavior in our school environment will be the determining factor regarding the student's continuing enrollment at St. Joseph.



Attendance, Absences and Lates


All classes/seminars require mandatory attendance.  Any absences from seminar time must be at the approval of the Teacher Advisor and Course Advisor.  Absences/lates shall be reported to the school/Teacher Advisor via phone call, email, or supported by a parent note in the student's agenda book.  If a student becomes ill or must leave the school for any reason, he or she must report to their Teacher Advisor.   Parents will receive a QMS message via email when students miss a seminar.  When absences or lates become a concern, Course Advisors will notify Teacher Advisors, who in turn will contact the parent/guardian.  Each Performance Interview will include attendance information.  Frequent absences/lates and disruptive behavior may result in withdrawal from St. Joseph.



Fire Drills & Lockdowns


Fire drills are required during the school year.  Exit routes are clearly indicated on each learning floor, in seminar rooms and classrooms.  If a fire alarm is signaled, immediately leave the building in an orderly manner.  Students should meet their Teacher Advisors at their designated areas outside the building.  Signaling a false alarm is a criminal offence.  Practice school lockdowns are held once or twice a year.



Random Check-ins


Special attendance check-ins will be announced randomly with no advance notice.  Students will immediately report to their Teacher Advisors.


Respect for others


Everyone at St. Joseph has a right to feel secure and be treated with consideration and respect.  Intimidation, harassment, fighting, bullying or any other disrespectful behavior will result in staff intervention.  Conflicts must be resolved in a mature, non-violent way.  In serious or extreme cases, parents or guardians will be involved and a suspension or expulsion may result.  Fighting and bullying sections of the Public Places Bylaw are enforced and will lead to fines.  



Appropriate Language


Language should show respect for staff and students.  Name-calling, swearing, rude or obscene language in any form is unacceptable.  Disciplinary action will be taken.  This will involve discussion, and, in more serious cases, the involvement of parents or guardians.



Replacement and Student Teachers​

Students must respect and cooperate with all replacement teachers and student teachers.​


ID Cards and Student Mobility


All staff, students and visitors must wear ID cards.  ID cards are used for attendance and they identify members of the St. Joseph community.  ID cards must be worn visibly on a lanyard or clipped to clothing.  ID cards may  be scanned at seminars.    FOR SERVICE IN ANY LOCATION, STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR ID. NO ID - NO SERVICE!  Staff will periodically check the condition of IDs and indicate when replacement is required.  Lost ID cards are replaced at student expense $5.00.  Broken or damaged ID cards (when handed in) are replaced for $2.00.

Along with ID cards, students must carry their agenda listing their daily schedules.  They should move quietly through hallways and entrances to prevent disturbing fellow students working in various areas. 



Remaining​ on Campus

Students should remain on campus during school. The lunch break is not long enough to allow for leaving and returning on time.


Travelling to and from school

To show respect for our neighbors, students should use crosswalks, drive sensibly, avoid littering and stay out of adjacent buildings and off private property. Appropriate behavior is expected when traveling to and from school, either in private cars or public transit.


Personal Apperance


Inappropriate attire includes the following:

· cut-offs not hemmed, short skirts, shorts and dresses that are not business-like

· halter tops, spaghetti straps, beachwear, muscle shirts

· plunging necklines,  backless clothing, or bare midriffs (shirts must reach past the belt-line)

· head wear - no hats, caps, bandanas, sweat bands, etc.

· any clothing which exposes undergarments

· clothing which is considered gang related

· chains or other items that can be considered  weapons

· any attire deemed inappropriate by administration

· lack of footwear

Appearance reflects respect for self and others.  Students dressed inappropriately may be sent home to change.


Care of School Property

Students will respect both school property and materials to help keep facilities and equipment useful, safe, and conducive to a learning environment. Students should, directly or anonymously, report vandalism to a teacher, administrator or school resource officer. Students who damage school property will pay for repairs or replacement. Intentional damage is a crime and will be addressed by the proper authorities.

Thursday Afternoons - Task Accomplishment Zone - TAZ


Course Advisors will send messages to Teacher Advisors, parents and students indicating those Advisees who are not on track in their courses and who are at risk of not being successful.  Students who are not on track will be assigned to TAZ beginning in October for semester one and March for semester 2.
Advisees who must attend TAZ will be sent to the second floor (math/science) or the third floor (English/social) where the student has 100 minutes of quite time to complete tasks that are overdue. Advisees must have their materials needed to work.  There will be no "in and out" privileges during TAZ unless an Advisee is removed by a Course Advisor or Teacher Advisor. 

Note: Parents are asked to NOT excuse their son/daughter for appointments at this time!  This is a very important session for Advisees to work without distraction and get caught up in their courses.  These sessions are intended to support Advisees with achieving success in their courses.  Teacher Advisors will follow up any absences from TAZ and if reoccurring absences become problematic, a referral to administration is recommended.




  • No lounging.
  • No food or drink in carpeted areas.
  • No activities in courtyard outside of lunch time without staff approval.

Learning Centers

  • These are quiet, non-visiting areas. (Please show respect for learning and access collaborative spaces when required.)
  • Avoid unnecessary traffic.
  • Music devices are for individual use only - no sharing and please keep sound level ‘for your ears only’.
  • Do not leave books/possessions unattended. Staff are not responsible for lost items. Unattended materials may be removed to provide space for others.
  • Wear your ID and staff will be happy to help you. No ID, no service.

Testing Centre

  • Present school ID - no temporary IDs will be accepted to write exams
  • Bring supplies: 2 pens; 2 HB pencils & eraser; math calculator; ruler.
  • Necessary paper provided.
  • Agenda books must be under desk.
  • Not allowed:
    • Returning to complete unfinished tests
    • Learning guides
    • Textbooks, formula sheets
    • Backpacks/sacks/bags/purses/music or electronic devices/jackets
    • Food or drink
    • Pencil or calculator cases
  • S​tudents must not communicate with other students in any way. Questions should be directed to the supervisor.​



PSDL Students are permitted two writing attempts on any test.  The mark awarded will be the higher of the two marks.  However, only ONE writing of a final exam is allowed.  Students cheating on tests or examinations will receive a mark of zero which will be factored in to the cumulative course mark.  Please refer to the Academic Honesty Policy and Honor Code. No rewrite will be allowed.


Designated Areas

Students require staff permission to access these restricted areas: seminar rooms, gymnasiums, equipment and staff rooms, elevators, teachers’ offices and parking stalls.


​Seminar Rooms

Permission required for access outside of seminar sessions.


Gymnasiums and Fitness Center​​

  • Activities must be adult-supervised.
  • Appropriate athletic clothing and footwear mandatory.
  • No food or drink.
  • Fitness Center users must book and adhere to their scheduled workout times.


Hallways/Stairwells/Entrances/Elevators ​

  • No loitering or obstructing traffic in any of these areas.
  • If eating in these areas, clean up and use garbage receptacles.
  • Elevators are for use by staff and disabled students ONLY!


The school cafeteria is an instructional area for our students registered in the commercial foods course. Students are encouraged to purchase food prepared by these students. It is NOT a commercial cafeteria with full services; therefore, all persons using the cafeteria are expected to help maintain the facility by:
  • cleaning the tables and using receptacles for garbage
  • returning trays to tray racks
The cafeteria is open for K&E students ONLY on spare. No card playing or games are allowed. No rowdy behavior. Cooperate with all adult supervisors. NO ID - NO SERVICE.

Cafeteria Hours:     Monday to Friday (closed outside of times listed below)                                              
 8:15 am- 8:45 am (Breakfast Club – Sponsored by Canada Breakfast Clubs & Local Businesses)
 Lunch times according to the Daily Schedule                        
Any further information contact Angie at:             


School Assemblies and Celebrations

Attendance at school assemblies and liturgical celebrations during school time is mandatory. Students will participate in a polite and respectful manner.


Extra-Curricular Activities​

Participating in extra-curricular activities is a privilege and comes with responsibilities. School regulations and expectations apply when a student is on school property or when attending any school-sponsored activities, field trips, etc. Good attendance, behavior and attitude are expected. Please remember, wherever you are, you represent St. Joseph.

Note: Students who are behind in their courses risk the possibility of suspension from extra-curricular activities.



Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Smoking is not permitted on school property. Students under 18 must not be in possession of tobacco products. Those who smoke or possess tobacco products will be fined and suspended. This policy reinforces section 2 of the Provincial Prevention of Youth Tobacco Use Act.

E–cigarettes are considered banned substances in Edmonton Catholic Schools.


A student under the influence or in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs at school will face suspension or expulsion. This policy applies to field trips and extra-curricular activities.



Skateboarding is not allowed on school property. Skateboards brought to school should remain in lockers and used only off school property. Students skateboarding on school property will have their boards confiscated. It is recommended that skateboards be left at home.


Valuables/Electronic Devices​

Students should not bring large sums of money, expensive jewelry or other valuables. St. Joseph is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings. If students choose to bring their own personal electronics, they must understand they do so at their own risk.



All visitors must report to the main office to obtain a visitor’s pass. St. Joseph is a closed campus and not open to students from other secondary schools. Arrangements must be made to meet friends off campus. Outsiders may be charged with trespassing.

Froshing or Hazing

Froshing or hazing will bring immediate suspension or more severe action, depending on the seriousness of the situation.



  • All St. Joe’s dances are ‘closed’ unless otherwise specified.
  • Supervisors will conduct security checks of all students entering the school. Coats and shoes will be checked at the entrance.
  • Cell phones are not permitted and must be checked with coats.
  • Once students enter to attend the dance, they must remain in the school. Students deciding to leave the building will not be re-admitted.
  • School doors close at 10:00 P.M.
  • Students must be appropriately dressed.
  • Students under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will be detained, parents notified, and students may be turned over to the Police Officer on duty.


Spectators must demonstrate sportsmanship towards players, officials, coaches and other fans during sports events. Positive support generates pride in the team and the school.


All parking is assigned. Students are not allowed to park on school property, and if found doing so, may have their vehicles tagged and towed at owner’s expense.


Locks and Lockers​

  • Students are assigned individual lockers which they must retain.
  • Lockers are not to be shared, must be locked at all times, and combinations kept confidential.
  • Lockers are school property and on loan, so the school has the right to inspect the contents at any time without consent.
  • The school is not responsible for money/valuables stolen from lockers.
  • A student also needs a second combination lock for a Phys. Ed locker for Phys. Ed activities.
  • Only locks purchased from the school may be used.
  • No personal locks allowed.
  • Distasteful pictorial material or slogans in or on lockers will be removed.



A student shall conduct himself/herself so as to reasonably comply with the code of conduct:
  • be diligent in pursuing his/her studies
  • attend school regularly and punctually
  • cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other studies
  • comply with the rules of the school
  • account to his/her teachers for his/her conduct
  • respect the rights of others
Grounds for disciplinary actions that could lead to suspension or expulsion exist where a student has demon-strated unacceptable behavior such as:

  • conduct which threatens the safety of students and/or staff
  • possession of a weapon on a student’s person, or in a student’s locker or desk, that is dangerous to students and staff: a weapon is anything used, designed to be used, or intended for use in causing death or injury to any person, or for the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person
  • displaying or brandishing a weapon in a threatening or intimidating manner
  • assaulting another person
  • possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or inhalants in school and on school property
  • interfering with the orderly conduct of class or the school
  • theft
  • contravention of district policies and regulations related to student harassment (bullying), smoking, student attendance, and student rights and responsibilities
  • willful disobedience and/or open opposition to authority
  • use or display of improper or profane language
  • willful damage to school or others’ property
  • contravention of the code of conduct as set out in the School Act