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The Academies

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St. Joseph High School offers a variety of Academy options in state of the art facilities.  These Academies offer classroom learning activities to compliment the Personalized Self Directed Learning model.​

The expectation is that students of St. Joseph High School, while completing the required academic coursework mandatory of all students in the province, will also complete course work in a given area of specialization.  The benefit of this approach to learning is that the students are advantaged when applying to post-secondary studies or when applying for jobs in the marketplace, as they will possess superior theoretical and practical experiences in their specialization of study. 


The areas of specialization or Academies of Learning are:


Performance & Visual Arts


  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music



Construction & Fabrication Engineering


  • Building Construction
  • Metal Fabrication



Culinary Arts and Hospitality


  • Culinary Arts



Transportation Engineering


  • Automotives
  • Autobody



Fashion Design & Cosmetology


  • Fashion Design Studies
  • Cosmetology



Information Technologies


  • Communication Technologies


​To find out specifics about our Academy Courses, click here for our program book.