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Personalized Self Directed Learning



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Welcome to St. Joseph Catholic High School and to a 21st Century educational opportunity unlike anything you have experienced before.


St. Joseph is the only school in Edmonton and one of nine high schools in Canada to implement the academic program called "Personalized Self-Directed Learning".  This program recognizes that learning never stops, but for it to start, it must be engaging and have relevance to the learner.

 At St. Joseph High School we make every attempt to recognize the unique strengths and talents of our students.  We recognize that our students are living in a digital age, an age with interactive devices that store and record our life experience and contain overwhelming amounts of knowledge.  This has become the essence of life in the 21st Century, but more specifically the lives of our children.  As students, they have a whole new way of thinking and learning that many educators are unable to understand and that most schools are unable to accommodate.


The Personalized Self-Directed Learning Program at St. Joseph provides students with the opportunity to become actively engaged in this learning process in such a way that they, according to their unique learning styles, become the principal agents, guided by their teacher advisors, in determining their educational goals, courses of study, and academic success.  It is a program for all students but in particular for those students who demonstrate the willingness and interest to set goals and make decisions about their learning.  The end results are amazing! 

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