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Jean Forest Leadership Academy


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School Philosophy

The faculty at Jean Forest Junior High Leadership Academy is committed to educating each young woman intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically by providing a variety of experiences as a foundation for learning. Parents are invited to share this commitment by providing mutual support in encouraging and assisting their daughters in meeting their needs.

 Our faculty endeavors to provide a safe, happy, caring environment where everyone can grow to their fullest potential. Jean Forest Leadership Academy, cooperatively with the home and parish, strives to instill in each young woman the knowledge, skills, habits, understandings, Catholic spiritual values and character traits essential for rich personal living, for satisfying human relationships and for becoming a responsible, contributing member of our society.


Description of Program​

The Jean Forest Senior High Leadership Academy is an Academic Diploma oriented course.

 The Jean Forest Leadership Academy is designed so that girls receive all of their core instruction in an all girls structured setting. This includes Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, English, Religion, CALM, and Leadership. By keeping their core education in the all girls setting, studies have shown that there are fewer distractions and girls are more willing to take risks, speak up, ask for help, share opinions and achieve better academically. All core subjects are offered in a structured setting with the opportunity to accelerate if the young woman is capable and motivated to do so.

 All options courses are received in a co‐ed setting with the other students at St. Joseph High
School. A wide range of option courses are available to the young women in this program including French, Spanish, Italian, Art, Drama, Music, Career and Technology Studies, Cosmetology, Foods, Fashion, Automotives, and much more. Receiving options in a co‐ed setting allows the young women the opportunity to interact with other students and develop socially as well.


How To Register

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