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English Language Learning


English Language Learning

English Language Learning at St. Joe's offers a personalized schedule that develops literacy skills in all content areas based on a student's level of English proficiency, as assessed using the Alberta Education Benchmarks Levels 1 through 5

Students enjoy a collaborative learning environment to meet diverse needs.

With community agencies and resources in Edmonton, as well as collaborative team planning and ongoing first language support from the Liaison workers within our District, the ELL program promotes and builds increased literacy and fluency enabling English language learners to reach the highest level of English literacy.

Recognizing the array of levels of English proficiency within our immigrant population, St. Joseph High School's ELL Program is committed to:


  • assessing and building on each student's level of English proficiency
  • teaching students English at their level by providing them with a content rich program
  • building on prior knowledge and supporting students to speak the English language fluently and develop their skills in order to move to the next level
  • providing students every opportunity possible to experience diversity in their program based on personal interests and future aspirations
  • teaching students about Canadian cultural values, customs and social expectations
  • celebrating each own culture by sharing their personal stories, customs and experiences from their homeland
  • supporting students so that they are afforded every opportunity to become productive and contributing members of their community
  • homework club every week