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Photo of the Day

Students in Communication Technology capture unbelievable images, and we would like to share them with you! Check out the daily photo!​ Some photos have become photo illustrations because of the work done by the students.

Kathleen Freeman.png

Kathleen Freeman

 Sean Gavin.png

Sean Gavin

Alex Trinh.jpg 

Alex Trinh


mercy (2).jpg

Jessica Glinka​

ee group.jpg

natanaya estacio.jpg 

Natanya Estacio

Lizabeth Toledo.jpg 

Lisbeth Toledo

Jessica Glinka (brun).jpg 

Jessica Glinka

Terrell Dickson.jpg 

Tyrell Dickson

MAckenzieFaulkner 3.jpg 

Mackenzie Faulkner

Emma Turk.jpg 

Emma Turk

viktoriya popovych.jpg 

Victoriya Popovych (with Photoshop)

justin zalcik.jpg 

Justin Zalcik

Sean Gavin.jpg 

Sean Gavin


Beth Blanchette

Jessica Glinka.jpg 

Jessica Glinka