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Work Experience FAQ's

Who may go into Work Experience?

  • Any student in grade 10, 11, or 12 who has a part time job, or who volunteers, can sign up for Work Experience.

What are the Prerequisites?

  • All students must have completed HCS 3000 - WORKPLACE SAFETY before a they can be registered. This is the only pre-requisite!!

What are the advantages of being in work experience?

  • redits go towards your high school diploma
  • Most students are paid a wage while at the same time earning credits.  (They get paid to get credits!!)
  • Students often earn a higher Grade Point Average (GPA) on their high school transcript.  This could lead to more scholarships!!
  • Build upon your resume for future employment. 
  • Create contacts as references for future career choices.

What do I need to do to sign-up/ register?

  • Come to the Learning Centre and see Mr. Bauer.  He will give you a package containing a number of forms that need to be completed and signed by parents, your employer and yourself. 
  • Once Mr. Bauer has received these forms he will go out to your job site, and complete a site inspection.
  • Then bring in evidence of hours worked (Pay stubs) and start earning high school credits!

Is there a time limit of when the credits must be competed? 

  • No. Students work schedules vary from one student to another therefore, students earn credits on an individual basis.  For example, if a student works 10 hours a week, that students will probably earn 10 credits in about 6 or 7 months.  It may take another student less time, or more, depending on the amount of hours worked.  However, once a student is registered in Work Experience, it is crucial that they hand in their pay stubs every 2 weeks so that credits can be accurately submitted to Alberta Education.

Can I use more than one job for work experience?

  • Yes.  As long as the students has the paper work filled out for both jobs, hours can be added together to earn credits in Work Experience.

Can volunteer work be considered work experience?

  • Absolutely, the same criterion is used and volunteer hours can be accumulated over the 3 years of high school, so that the student can earn the maximum number of credits.  A signed letter, or some evidence of hours volunteered must be submitted to Mr. Bauer from the volunteer organization.

Can I use my summer job?

  • FX Off-campus Education does run through the summer, so hours worked during the summer can be used towards credits as well.
  • Students must sign-up in June in order to be registered in Off-Campus Summer School.