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Student Services

Our student services department is vibrant hub of energy and enthusiasm, ready to support students in many ways:


Ms. Cordingley is our school counsellor, and counsels on topics such as educational planning, post-secondary and careers, and personal or crisis issues.  She also leads her expertise to teaching Psychology and works to organize post-secondary institution visits and Junior High shadow days.  We also rely on her diverse skill set and experience to act as a point of first contact for students, and she will refer them to the psychologist or social worker if need be.  She can be reached at

Registered Psychology

Cory Donald is a Registered Psychologist with Edmonton Catholic Schools. September 2019 will be his first year as a member of the FX team. Cory has been with Edmonton Catholic Schools for 18 years, starting his career as a classroom teacher, transitioning to a consulting role with Learning Services, and then re-integrating back into the schools as a counsellor and psychologist. Professionally, Cory works from a solution focused perspective, utilizing cognitive behavioural and narrative strategies with young people. Cory’s practice rests on a foundation of positive psychology. Cory’s support is available to all students and he can be reached via email, through another staff member or by knocking on his office door!

Social Work

St. FX has a fantastic student services team than includes a full time Family School Liaison Social Worker, or FSLW.   We were fortunate to have Megan Edmonds join our ranks and she has been exceptional in her support of students and families in need.  She can provide supportive and informal counselling when needed and would refer students to either the counsellor or psychologist if the situation warrants greater service.  She offers help to students facing challenging times in many areas of their lives, such as in school, home, or peer relationships.  She also has many connections with outside organizations and can provide referrals to support systems in place in the broader community.  She can be accessed by referral from either the counselor or the grade coordinator.


For students or family that struggle to deal with substance abuse or addictions, Erin Black is our part time counsellor provided to us from Alberta Health Services (AHS).  She focuses on providing confidential support regarding drug or alcohol use or abuse and is also a fantastic source of information and community supports.  She takes referrals from any of the student supports team and is willing to just meet a student if she has some free space in her schedule.

Here is a PDF version of the AHS parent resource on youth addictions, as well as a government document on types of drugs and their effects.
AHS ParentHandBook.pdf       Drugs and their effects.pdf


One of our more obvious team members wears her Edmonton Police Service uniform proudly as she walks the halls and helps students and staff in many ways.  Constable Erin Jennett has worked for EPS for many years and brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to our school.   Not only will she investigate criminal and non-criminal offenses and help maintain the safety of our school, she also works to mentor and empower students to make healthy choices in life.  Erin is also active in providing presentations to our students, ranging from topics on drugs to legal aspects of relationships and consent.  Her office is on the second floor, but she can be found all over the school and is always willing to stop and chat.