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St. FX Awards



Annunciation   C.W.L

AMOUNT: $ 500


  1. Is a Grade 12 student attending a Catholic high school
  2. enrolled in a post-secondary institution for the fall term
  3. an active, positive participant in the life of Annunciation Parish as verified by a priest or parish minister
  4. enrolled in the Religion 35 Program
  5.  is a deserving student who could use financial assistance

 SUBMISSION:   Student must apply in writing by May 21st.  Application to include:

  • Letter of Application
  • Copy of Marks
  • Letter of acceptance from post-secondary institution
  • Letter of reference from volunteer supervisor or teacher

SELECTION:       Scholarship Committee of the Annunciation CWL

The STAR Scholarship

Student Tuition and Resources Scholarship is made possible through the support of two alumni of St. Francis Xavier High School – John and Donna Swiniarski

 AMOUNT: $ 4000


  1. The student is in need of financial assistance and not likely to receive other awards.  The applicant must discuss in detail their financial situation and how they plan to pay for their post-secondary education.
  2. The student must produce a conditional acceptance letter into a post-secondary institution in Alberta.
  3. The student can produce an official letter from a community service outside the school in which the student's dedication to service is acknowledged.
  4. In October, when the award is presented, the successful student must produce proof that an Alberta post-secondary institution is being attended.


SELECTION:    Awards Committee

Bernard Brodeur Scholarship

AMOUNT: $ 1200

The scholarship is being established by the Brodeur family in memory of their son Bernard Brodeur who attended St. Francis Xavier High School.  Bernard was a member of the Drama Club and very involved with extracurricular school activities.  Bernard went on to the University of Alberta and completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. 


  1. Graduate of St. Francis Xavier High school
  2. Enrolled in the field of science or engineering at the University of Alberta
  3. Have a 70% average in two of the three 30-level science courses and in Math 30-1 (blended marks)
  4. Involved in extracurricular or school activities
  5. Indicate need for financial assistance



  • Submissions must be received by the St. Francis Xavier High School Awards Committee by May 31st. The submission will include:
  • Letter of interest
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Documentation to indicate that the criteria has been met

 SELECTION:     Awards Committee


The award will be presented at the annual awards ceremony at St. Francis Xavier High School.  The Brodeur family will be involved in the presentation.

City of Champions Lions Club / Kathleen Huber Memorial Scholarship

AMOUNT: $ 1000

(Sent upon confirmation of registration to the post-secondary institution)

This award was established in memory of Kathleen Huber who was very involved in community service especially in volunteer work with the CNIB and the United Way.


  1. Graduating student from St. Francis Xavier High School
  2. Confirmation of registration in a post-secondary institution (full time or part time with intent to go full time)
  3. Have shown exceptional service to the community through volunteer work that goes beyond the 20 hours required by Religion 35


  • Must be received by the St. Francis Xavier High School Awards Committee by April 3rd t. Will include:
  • Reference letters (must be dated within 6 months of the application deadline)
  • Application form (available from Ms. Cordingley in Student Services)

 SELECTION:     Edmonton City of Champions Lions Club.  Students will be interviewed.


Annunciation Knights of Columbus Scholarships

AMOUNT:  $ 250  (4 recipients total -  $1000)


  1. Students are in need of the monetary contribution offered
  2. Students have shown growth and participation in their religious strengths and community involvement

 SUBMISSION:    Application in writing by May 31stto the Annunciation Parish Knights of Columbus

SELECTION:     Annunciation Parish Knights of Columbus


The Mike Fogolin Spirit of Champions Award

In recognition of outstanding citizenship

Two awards of $1400 each – one presented to an outstanding male and the other to an outstanding female in grade twelve at St. Francis Xavier High School

This scholarship has been established by the Fogolin family in memory of their son Mike who was an outstanding member of the FX community.  Mike excelled in many areas and was actively involved in his school and community.  This award is intended for grade 12 students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies.


  1.  Graduate of St. Francis Xavier High School and have attended FX for all three years
  2. Student must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution following graduation
  3. Student must meet the following criteria to be considered for this award:
  4. Volunteerism within the school and community
  5. Extra-curricular involvement
  6. Have a satisfactory academic standing
  7. Leadership
  8. High moral character
  9. Integrity and perseverance
  10. Have the respect of his or her peers

 SUBMISSION: To Awards Committee by May 31st.

Students will be nominated by the staff of St. Francis Xavier High School.

 SELECTION: Awards Committee

 The Robin Croteau Forever Young, Forever Smiling Scholarship

 Amount:   $1000

 This award was established in 2014 to commemorate Robin Croteau, son of Robert and Teresa Croteau. Robin Graduated from St. Francis Xavier high school in 2010 and was tragically and unexpectedly taken from us March 18, 2012. 


  • Financial need
  • Involvement in sports and outdoor activities
  • Community involvement
  • Interest in travel
  • Leadership qualities

Eligibility: Full time student at St. Francis Xavier high school


  • The following must be received by St. Francis Xavier High school Awards Committee by May 31st.
  •  A letter of interest including post-secondary goals
  • Two letters of reference form teachers/coaches
  • One good quality photo showing your best smile.  Email the photo to  

Selection: Parents, friends, and family of Robin Croteau.