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Junior Hockey - College Hockey

One of the goals of the St. Francis Xavier Hockey Academy is to help our students advance to a higher level of Hockey and Academics. 

Not only will the Hockey Academy develop hockey and life skills but will endeavor to educate each student/player and their family about the potential of playing College or Junior Hockey.

We will do this by:

  • Inviting Guest Speakers
  • Accessing the College/Junior Library
  • Consulting with players and family

The academy participates in yearly recruiting trips. These trips aid in the education and promotion of our student-athletes to colleges and universities throughout North America. So far, the girls academy was highlighted in a Boston trip and last year the boys academy went to New York.  While on these trips our athletes make great connections with NCAA schools and coaches.

The Hockey Academy has built relationships with the N.C.A.A., CIS, A.C.A.C., W.H.L., and Jr. A. Hockey Leagues. 

These contacts allow us to give an Academy participant exposure to these organizations by: 

  • Daily contact with College or Jr. Teams
  • Supplying contacts with player profiles and players stats
  • Supplying contacts with player schedules
  • Supplying videos to colleges requesting footage for individual players

The St. Francis Xavier Hockey Academy has established itself as an SAT writing centre.

  • This gives our members the advantage of testing in familiar surroundings.
  • The Hockey academy will also help prepare students for SAT exams.