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Media Broadcasting

This course is aimed at students who are interested in working in the field of broadcast media.

Students will work behind the scenes doing studio/camera work, and in front such, as being a journalist, news anchor, or sports reporter. The program begins with a focus on basic live news, with the addition of pre-recorded and edited items. 

he students work within a studio setting with modern equipment to produce and broadcast throughout the school daily for announcements as well as for special events and tournaments. 

Broadcasting will be done both in the school over FX TV, our school TV station, and externally, where students will be involved in uploading or streaming video to media sites (ex: You Tube). Students will learn and use various skills and techniques needed for broadcasting: such as technical aspects of production, public speaking, and ethics involved with Television Production. 



  • Audio/Video 
  • Speaking and Presenting 
  • Visual Composition 
  • Web Design 
  • Personal Project 


  • Correspondence 
  • Client Services
  • AV Preproduction 1 
  • AV Production 1 
  • AV Postproduction 1 


  • AV Preproduction 2 
  • AV Production 2 
  • AV Postproduction 2 
  • Project Management Tools 
  • AV Broadcasting