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Computing Science

In grade 10 students will learn how to plan, implement, and maintain computer programs using an introductory programming language called Scratch. One of the major projects will be to develop and program an interactive game. In grade 11 students learn the fundamentals of a very popular and powerful programming language called C++. In grade 12 students will have the background necessary to dive into advanced topics like object oriented programming, and dynamic data structures. If there is time, they will also apply their programming skills in designing, building and programming autonomous robots in the C++ language.

Students who finish the grade 12 modules of computing science can use Computer Science 30 as one of their prerequisite science courses to gain admittance into a postsecondary program. 

Computing Science courses are designed for students who plan to enroll in the faculties of science, engineering, or information technology at a university or college. Computing Science is an academic course and a minimum of 65% in grade 9 math is highly recommended. 



  • Computing Science 1 
  • Structured Programming 1 
  • Structured Programming 2 


  • Computer Science 2 
  • Procedural Programming 1 
  • Data Structures 1 
  • Files and File Structures 1 
  • Second Language Programming 1


  • Computer Science 3 
  • Iterative Algorithm 1 
  • Object Oriented Programming 1
  • Recursive Algorithms 1 
  • Dynamic Data Structures 1 
  • Time Permitting Robotics Programming 1 
  • Robotics Programming 2