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Success Center



Archbishop O'Leary High School has a truly welcoming and unique learning space dedicated to the success of all students, in all areas:

  • academic
  • personal/social
  • career

The innovative approach to the design and staffing of the Success Centre has created a 'one stop shopping' center for all of a high school student's needs.  The Success Centre working floor is staffed by 4 academic specialists who together cover the 4 core disciplines: English, Social Studies, Mathematics and the Sciences. These teachers will develop a positive rapport with each student as they progress through their desired course material and delivery method, monitoring progress and reinforcing key learning concepts through individualized instruction.   The space is also home to our exceptional Student Services staff which includes 2 qualified counsellors, 1 career advisor and 2 off-campus education professionals. Study Hall is a quiet space where students are able to access CALM modules or the testing center where any outstanding assignments and exams are held.

The Success Centre promotes learning through a variety of delivery methods. These include:  

  • self-paced learning,
  • Alberta Education approved modules,
  • online learning via Revelation and
  • access to our own locally developed courses.

Our advanced approach to learning promotes structure for our students, quick and easy access to individualized instruction, identification of educational deficiencies and not just reaching short-term goals but progressing toward a high school diploma and beyond.

The Success Centre is open:

Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3pm.

Computers and other ​equipment are provided for educational purposes.