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Students' Union

Archbishop O’Leary’s Students’ Union Philosophy:

Rationale: Our SU program is structured on our school philosophy of Truth, Honor and Discipline. 

As SU members, we respect and honor the academic life and rigor that is necessary for a successful student and acknowledge that having some fun while at school is needed for an enjoyable school experience.   

Our mission:  to bring balance between work and play and to have a bit of fun at lunch hours within our school environment.  

YOU are important in making this happen! 

As SU members, we will be guided by the following principles:

  • As a team we strive to be the heartbeat of the Spartan School Spirit.  Our mission is to foster school spirit for our students and our staff.
  • Vision, Positivity, Enthusiasm and Hard Work is needed from each of us. Individually, we need to challenge ourselves to develop these qualities to build a team of strong leaders.  This strength is seen within our actions and our commitment to the school.
  • Every member on our team is respected and valued.
  • As leaders we lead activities that we carefully create.  We methodically plan events and execute the events with diligence.  
  • We create opportunities for students to enjoy being at O’Leary.  There are other high schools in our area. What makes O’Leary a place where we want to be?    The SU is about making this statement an actual reality.
  • We create Balance and Equality within all students. 
  •  We Walk our Talk. 
  •  We leave a Legacy.

Every Wednesday will be an SU Spartan Challenge.  

Our team will prepare an activity for each Wednesday to bring together our students and our staff to participate in fun challenges, active challenges, mental challenges, or just to simply gather and celebrate together.  

The second mission is to live our faith.  SU members may choose to take part in the Religious celebrations, will plan, execute and foster contributions to our community. 

LEADERSHIP:  Your leadership individually

My wish for each of you is to grow in your leadership abilities.  Self-reflection is needed: what skills do you want to develop this year? My challenge for you is to become confident in your abilities and skills of planning, problem solving, and fulfilling your goals.   

Standing and watching your event is not a leader.  Thinking, seeing all angles, being proactive, and being able to solve glitches or problems is what a leader is all about.  

How can you develop leadership skills? This is YOUR goal to personally work on.   Your challenge this year is to work with a group to plan one event per month, and you have helped carefully plan this event.

You know what the steps in the event are, you know what role you play in that event and you fulfill that role with your smile, sass, and confidence.  

Challenge yourself to grow, and to help execute the best event that our school will experience.  You will be surprised at what you are capable of IF you take on the leadership challenge. 

Your Leadership as a team

Just like any team, work place, classroom, or any type of organization, you will work with people of all talents, abilities and skill sets.  

I am asking for each of you to work with, interact with, and respond to each SU member with the respect that you would like to be treated.  

There are no hierarchies, divisions of power regardless of grade, academic or athletic ability.  I saw the potential of a leader in you… you are filled with talent that is needed to make O’Leary rock this year.   

For many events, you will sign up for what you are passionate to plan. For some events, I may suggest team members.   

In this organization, no leader is left out.  Please welcome any person wanting to be on the committee. 

Student's Union is FUN!! Check out some activities from our SU Photo Gallery

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