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Student Services

Student Services is a team of professionals who work collaboratively to support diverse student  needs outside of the classroom setting. Our goal is to empower students to reach their  full potential and overcome any barriers they may face. We work to support students in the following areas:

· Academic/Learning Profiles

· Mental health and wellness

· Home Life

· Communication strategies

· Spiritual guidance

· Post-secondary planning

· High school completion

· English Language Learning

· Social Justice

· Scholarship Information

 ·  Discipline

· Indigenous Education

· Successful transitioning


The team consists of:

 - Learning Coach:

 - WIN Community Teacher:

 - Counselor & Graduation Coach & Indigenous Support:

 - Family School Liaison Worker:

 - Psychologist:

 - AHS Counselor:

 - New Comer Program Teacher:

 - English Language Learner Designate:

 - Educational Assistants:

 - Chaplain:

 - School Resource Officer:

 - Media  Resource Support:


The Student Services Team is housed both in the library and in the Student Services office.  If you should require assistance, please contact the office and they will direct you to the appropriate supports.