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Graduation Info

Please Note: More information to students for Grad can be found on our Digital boards throughout the school, Instagram , School Website, Hallway bulletin boards, Student Portal, Calendar of Events as well as listening to Daily announcements before lunch. There are 3 grade 12 assemblies a year as well as multiple classroom visits by our Grad Coach where details are discussed. The Students are also given handouts during this time.

Password is crusaders2019
Password is crusaders2019
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AOB Teacher Tribute to Grads 2019
AOB Teacher Tribute to Grads 2019
AOB Grad Song 2019
AOB Grad Song 2019

AOB Grad 2019-EXPO Center

Thursday, May 23rd Commencements $5.00 each

Friday, May 24th Banquet and Dance $ 95.00 each


Grad Commencement and Banquet Update-kswift message May 5, 2019.pdf

Grad Retreat Permission Form May 2019.pdf


Grad Banquet tickets are only on sale for one more week, until Thursday May 2nd. Tickets are selling fast and the banquet seating near the front is filling up. Tables are bookable online through Parent PowerSchool and are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Please call the AOB business office (780-466 -3161) if you require assistance with this process.

 Commencement tickets are also on sale through Parent PowerSchool or the business office for $5 until May 2nd. After Thursday, tickets will only be available at the door at a price of $15.

All School fees and Grad fees must be paid before tickets can be purchased.


Grad Ticket Sale On-line Instructions

Grad 2019 Instructions for On-Line Processing (General Ticket Sales).pdf

On-Line Instructions for Grad Tickets April 15 - May 2, 2019

Northlands EXPO Center

Commencement: Thursday May 23rd, 7pm (students arrive between 5:30-6:00)

Graduation Banquet: Friday May 24th

Reception/Seating: 5:00-5:45

Procession of Grads: 5:45

Grace, Dinner & Speeches: 6:15-8:30

Dance: 9:00-1:00

Banquet Tickets $ 95.00 each / Commencement tickets: $5.00 each

Please read this entire document before beginning the ticket purchasing process:

  • Students are not eligible to purchase tickets until they have paid off all school fees (including the $75 Commencement Grad Fee and refundable $100 Grad Gown Deposit) Questions regarding fees can be directed to Mrs. Shimoda, Business Manager at 780-466-3161 Ext. 550.
  • If your son/daughter is not on the final Grad list, posted April 18th, they have not met all graduation requirements and therefore they will not be able to participate in the Commencement ceremony. They are however able to purchase a ticket and attend to support their peers.
  • No refunds or seating changes will be available after the transaction is complete
  • Note:  Parents must ensure they have Parent Powerschool Access before the on-line program will accept payments
  • Hard copy tickets for Commencement and Grad will be issued to the Grads on Thursday, May 23 at AOB after the Grad retreat.
  • More Grad information can be found on our “Grad Info” page on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the Grad list, please contact Mrs. Page, Grad Coach.

Below are the Grad list requirements:

  • Passing all courses required to graduate.
  • 75% of any courses being taken by module which are required for graduation, for example PASS, must be completed by March 22, 2019.
  • “Green Book” single credit module, Career Directions Expansion, must submitted by April 1, 2019 to Mrs. Page.
  • Completing 9 credits in Religion. (Or one Religion course must be completed per year enrolled in a Catholic High School.)
  • All school fees must be paid.



You must use a computer to purchase tickets

You cannot use your phone or tablet for purchase

You must have

 If you do not have access please call the school @ 780-466-3161 to set up an account.

In order to purchase your online grad banquet tickets please follow the steps below.

  • Log on to your Powerschool (Parent account).
  • Click on the name of your grade 12 student
  • Under Navigation – click on School Fees – VIEW school fees
  • On the Summary page please select the tab with your grade 12 child’s name.
  • Click on the “Graduation Banquet General Tickets” icon
  • View the digital map and click on the table that you wish to sit at.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “ # of tickets you wish to purchase”
  • Enter meal details for each guest, then click “Add to Cart”
  • Close the icon indicating “Items Added to Cart
  • Click on “View Cart
  • Click on “Checkout
  • Process Payment

You will need to ensure that all school fees have been paid (this will also include the $75 graduation fee, $100 refundable gown deposit) in order for the Graduation Banquet General Tickets” icon to appear under the Additional Items heading.

Expect an email confirmation that you’ve successfully completed the transaction.



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Graduation is quickly approaching. For your son or daughter to attend the commencement (Cap and Gown) ceremony on Thursday May 23, 2019 they must be included on the AOB grad list.

The first graduation list will be posted in the school Friday April 5, 2019. If your child is missing any of the requirements listed below, they will have the opportunity to meet the requirements and be included on the second and final grad list posted on April 18, 2019. For a grade 12 student to be included on the grad list the following criteria must be met:

  • Passing all courses required to graduate.
  • 75% of any courses being taken by module, for example PASS, must be completed by March 22, 2019.
  • “Green Book” single credit module, Career Directions Expansion, must submitted by April 1, 2019 to Mrs. Page.
  • Completing 9 credits in Religion. (Or one Religion course must be completed per year enrolled in a Catholic High School.)
  • All school fees must be paid. Check PowerSchool or for enquiries about school fees owing, please contact the Business Office at 780 466 3161 ext. 550.

Your son or daughter has been aware of the above requirements since the beginning of the school year through various assemblies, meetings and announcements.

Please check the “Grad Info” page on our school website for more updates.

If you have any questions regarding the graduation list requirements, please contact Ignacio Haro, Assistant Principal/Grade 12 Coordinator or Sandy Page Graduation Coach.







If you have any questions about Grad Portraits , please call:

Lifetouch Studios at 780-437-2431 Ext. 226.


Austin O'Brien Green Book

 All grade 12 students wanting to participate in the Austin O'Brien commencement ceremony MUST complete the green book. The purpose of the green book is to facilitate students in graduating by reviewing their transcripts and credits. They are also responsible for coming up with a plan A and B for life after high school. Their resume must also be included. Each student will receive a green book in their social 30 classes, as well as a presentation walking them through the green book itself. ALL students must sit down with Mrs. Page or Mrs. Buttigieg to review their green book. Students will earn one credit for completing the module. (If a student has already completed social 30-1/-2, they must come and pick up a green book from Mrs. Page in the library.)

Graduation Requirements 

To attain an Alberta High School Diploma, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Earn a minimum of 100 credits
  • Complete English 30-1 or 30-2
  • Complete Social 30-1 or 30-2
  • Complete Math 20-1, 20-2, 20-3
  • Complete Science 20 or 24 or Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20
  • Physical Education 10
  • Career and Life Management

10 Credits, in any combination, from

  • Career and Technologies (CTS), or
  • Fine Arts, or
  • Second Languages, or
  • Physical Education 20 or 30, or
  • Locally developed courses in CTS, fine arts, or 
    second languages, or
  • Two 35 level courses from any trade in the Registered Apprenticeship program
  • Earn , in addition to English 30-1/30-2, and Social 30/33: 
    10 credits in any 30-level courses, including:
    • Locally developed courses
    • 3000 series, advanced level, in CTS
    • 35-level Work Experience

* Can Double dip 30 Level Credits and 10 Credits in any combination for the following courses:

  • Fine Arts 30 Level
  • Second Language 30 Level
  • Phys. Ed 30 Level

Only 15 credits from Work Experience will count towards a High School Diploma

Please Note: All students must complete nine credits in Religion classes (Religion 15, Religion 25 and Religion 35)  in order to take part in Austin O'Brien's cap and gown convocation ceremonies.


Printable PDF's are Below:

Grad 2019 Instructions for On-Line Processing (General Ticket Sales).pdf

grad ringman here April 17 2019.pdfHelp Support Our Graduating Class of 2019 feb 13.pdf

Grad Info Updated April 10 2019.pdf

AOB Grad Portrait instructions retakes Jan 15 16 17 2019.pdf

Indigo Fundraiser-Help Support Our Graduating Class of 2019.pdf

Grad wear order here AOB-GRAD2019.pdf

Book Online for your Grad Portraits - more info here

High School Diploma Requirements Sept 2018.pdf 

Alberta High School Diploma Requirements Checklist (1).pdf