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Theatre Appreciation

Theatre Appreciation 15/25/35 (3 credits)

This course will introduce students to the performance of drama to develop their appreciation of the theatre.  Students will  see six (6) performances at the Citadel Theatre.  After being served a catered dinner, they will attend pre-show lectures and work directly with theatre professionals. After each show they also have the opportunity to ask questions to cast members. With their peers, sudents will share their  reflective views on the plays. Theatre Appreciation is an easy course to fit into any schedule since it is taken at lunch and in the evenings while attending plays. There are approximately thirteen lunch classes throughout the year. This is an amazing opportunity to attend 6 main stage Citadel Theatre shows for a fraction of the normal cost. Theatre Appreciation is a unique and affordable educational opportunity. You do not need to be enrolled in Drama to enroll in Theatre Appreciation.